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About Us

"The tradition continues with a particularly entrepreneurial spirit"



Having as a feature the many years of family experience and know-how in the field of jewelry, Argyris and Ioannis Kaleas founded the company with the name "Pearls By Kaleas" with the sole purpose of the wholesale sale of quality jewelry with pearls in Greek goldsmithing.

Second generation goldsmiths (in shop since 1960), we have experience designing, manufacturing and repairing gold jewellery.

Argyris Kaleas, with more than 25 years of experience in the field of wholesale pearl jewelry, has been recognized by the goldsmith shops in Greece and Cyprus for his professionalism, ethics and service, building relationships of trust with his customers.

Our love, passion and philosophy for jewelery is reflected in the aesthetics and quality of jewelery we offer to our customers.

We only import quality pearls from certified pearl farms in Asia and Oceania.

All jewelry is designed and manufactured exclusively in our workshops by specialized craftsmen.

As part of our personalized service, we can build special orders for customers who want something special. We are constantly enriching our collections with jewelry that meets high quality specifications following the current international and domestic fashion trends where they will satisfy even the highest demands.

We invest in experienced and qualified staff, emphasizing their continuous training.

This website is for wholesale jewelry stores only. It was created for the needs of advertising and promotion of our jewelry in order to inform and serve our company's wholesale customers, so that they can also place their orders electronically.

All our jewelry is ready for delivery!!!